How do I send a confession to u to post?

Send it to the ask box or submit box of Ringside Confessions! This site has moved to there.

Did u delete a bunch of confessions?

No? This site moved to Ringside Confessions, so all confessions are posted on there from now on.

*Rolls in* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHHDAYY TOO YOUUU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOSS LADY JESSICA *^* Happy birthdaaaayyyy toooooo youuuuuuuuuu! *Sings like Jillian Hall* 8D I am preparing your present now~! (Your birthday was kind of a surprise to moi =O And I haz tonsillitis atm so it may take a while) but I shall send a link when it is done~ Have a great day~! *Tosses Boss Lady Crown*

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was not expecting this message, lol.


This was the only birthday message that I got send to this account, since most of them got send to the Ringside Confessions account, but thank you for this funny and awesome birthday message Amy! Haha I’ll be waiting for the link :D


Can u do a confession story between John cena and Melina ?

What do you mean? 

This isn't a confession but a question. How come WWE fired Melina? Because I saw a confession posted on your blog about how she acted back stage and what not. What was all that about?

I’m not sure why she got released, but I think these are several factors why she did: WWE didn’t know what else to do with her for storylines, and the backstage drama I guess. A lot of people have had backstage problems with her. Several divas have made comments about it before, like Trish, and I think Maria said something about it in her YouShoot video in 2010. But several divas like Beth and Michelle said they never had a problem with her. 

These links will help explain more about some of the backstage drama, the first one explains the most about Melina and other divas.

I never make posts like these,




I don’t really know what to do with this Tumblr anymore since this site moved, but if you have any ideas of what I should do with it, let me know! Like if you want me to reblog confessions from the new site to keep this one updated since people keep following this site.

I never expected this site to get a lot of recognition when I made it, but thank you for your support :)

whats the name of the theme that you have, i really like it.

I’m on mobile so I can’t send links, it’s by Uhbie Themes. Their link is located on the bottom right.

May you post the picture you used for post/52341229538?

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